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A review of the best DJs, Songs and Artistes.

Most Popular DJ

Most Popular DJ on Twitter this week!

Most Popular Artiste

Most Popular Artiste in the world this week!

Most Popular Song

- Most Popular Song this week!


Auto tweeting for real DJs made simple. The app composes tweets based on the current track being played by the DJ and posts to Twitter

Personalized Tweet Patterns (3)

You can enter up to 3 personalized tweet patterns. These may include Song Title, Artiste Name, Artiste Twitter Handle and also your twitter handle along with any other text and #Hashtag.

Auto Tweet or Confirm First

The software can tweet as soon as you play a song or you may choose to be given the option to post the song when you are ready.

Free Trial

ALL new users get their first seven days FREE! We are sure you will love it and your followers will love you for it!


We are certain that you will absolutely love the software!



For DJs who simply want to extend their trial. At the end each month, your service will expire



For DJs who recognize the value of keeping their twitter audience engaged. You renew your service at the end of the year


Here are a few screens from the software #DJPullUp.

App Install Screen


Easy install on Windows and Mac

App Login Screen

Login/Sign Up

Simple login/sign up

App Profile Screen

Customize Profile

Easily update your profile

App Settings Screen


Adjust your settings before you start

App Start Screen

Start Tweeting

One click and we'll start tweeting for you

App Tweeting Screen


Watch as your twitter timeline blows up!



Windows 7 and later are supported. It does not work on older versions.


The minimum macOS version supported is macOS 10.9.

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